Every year, a new group of ballerinas comes tiptoeing in for their very first dance class.  Some crying and afraid, some eager and excited, and still others a little indifferent and unsure of this new experience called dance.

After a couple of weeks, they’ve made new friends, learned a few steps, and excitedly go home to “teach” mom & dad what they learned in class that day.

January ushers in the New Year and a new focus for dancers and teachers alike – putting the steps together to resemble a dance that’s supposed to fit into this year’s theme.

With spring come “April showers”, costume orders, and a new excitement in anticipation of playing in dress-up.  Summer begins with school vacation, swimming lessons and “Do I really have to go to dance class today?”

And then, all of a sudden, it’s here, the end of summer and recital!   Everyone is dressed up, made up, and looking their best.  When the curtain goes up, the seasoned dancers take the stage where they “awe” and “ooh” the audience.  But every year, it’s those little ones that steal the show.

Please join us in the gallery for a glimpse of our most recent presentation.

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