Embody Grace and Strength With the Help of Charisma School of Dance Ballet Classes

We provide dance lessons that help our students improve in all aspects of their lives. We have various dance programs such as music & movement, beginning ballet, & Polynesian dance for kids three years old to adults. 

Ballet is a beautiful and classical way to develop strength and elegance. Classes are divided into the ages 3-5 years for the basics and introductions; 6-9 years for poise and posture training; and eight years and up for specific needs. Together with our lovely studios and Christian family environment, your child will grow beautifully, inside and out!

Celebrate Life, Music, and Culture Through Polynesian Dance

If you are looking for something more lively and on the artistic side, Our Polynesian Dance is for you! Using the hula, Polynesian Dance hails from the Hawaiian Islands, with additional moves from Tahiti, Samoa, New Zealand, Guam, and the Philippines. Students will surely swing their way to better overall health. You can expect nothing but absolute fun as our students relish every moment! It is a dance that enriches kids and adults with a newfound zest for life!

Sign up today and get to know more about how to make each class best for you. We can provide mirrors for students, TV monitors for parents, pre-sewn costumes, sibling classes, and more. Classes are suited for ages three and up.