A Beautiful and Fun Way to Develop Better Fitness - Polynesian Dance

Our Polynesian dance class focuses on the hula, the dance form of the Hawaiian Islands. However, instruction includes dances from the island groups of Tahiti, Samoa, New Zealand, Guam and the Philippines. Things get really interesting when we add the different implements to our dances. Talk about “America’s Funniest Home Videos” material.

Wherever Your Heart Is, the Dance Will Follow

Nothing can ever be as authentic and heartfelt as dancing. Our Adult Dance Program physically strengthens but also refreshes you from within. Our classes vary, depending on your style, preferences, and needs.

Through our Polynesian dance classes, we can guide you in every technique and how to put your heart into every performance. This kind of workout is something you will surely enjoy - it's full of energy, enthusiasm, and passion!

Sign up today and improve your balance, posture, flexibility, confidence, and overall well-being... one dance step at a time.