Charisma School of Dance offers excellent instruction from experienced instructors, and a Christian family atmosphere.  Add to that our two state-of-the-art dance studios with surround sound stereo systems, and you will find this works together to create a supportive learning environment that will give every student the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential of excellence.

All of these features, combined with a variety of class times and affordable pricing, make Charisma School of Dance your best choice for excellence in dance.

It is our belief that “basics” are the foundation and building blocks of a strong dancer.  Therefore, all of our dance classes have a strong emphasis on “basics”.   We offer instruction in music & movement, beginning ballet,  & Polynesian dance to age groups ranging from 3 years old to adult.

Our annual recital, fondly referred to as “Parent’s Night”, is held in  summer.  This showcase gives all of our students the opportunity to “be a star” for a day.  They dress up in beautiful and exciting costumes (and wear make-up) and show us the dance they’ve been working on all year long.  Invite the entire family for fun night of entertainment.  Don’t forget grandma & grandpa!


Our 3-5 year olds begin with music & movement where they develop balance, focus, and discipline.  These beginner level classes meet once per week.

Our 6-9 year old classes meet once per week where in addition to music & movement, the students now begin to work on poise.  With a new emphasis on fluid movements of the upper body, coordination and posture begin to develop.

Our 8+ year old classes meet twice a week (advanced classes meet more often).  These classes will focus on the specific needs of the different classes depending on the students’ level of experience and ability.

Polynesian Dance

Our Polynesian dance class focuses on the hula, the dance form of the Hawaiian Islands.  However, instruction includes dances from the island groups of Tahiti, Samoa, New Zealand, Guam and the Philippines.  Things get really interesting when we add the different implements to our dances.  Talk about “America’s Funniest Home Videos” material.

Are all dance studios the same?

Here’s why Charisma School of Dance is the right choice:

  • Small class sizes-a maximum 10 students for 3-5 years old, 15 students per class for ages 6 and up
  • Choice of more than one teacher for our beginner classes to fit your child’s personality and learning style
  • Mirrors so that dancers can see their positions from any place on the dance floor
  • TV monitor that allows you to observe your child’s progress without class interruptions
  • Desk staff available to assist you during all teaching hours, every day
  • Parent friendly pre-sewn costumes that include all accessories
  • Students and parents never required to fund raise for studio events
  • Convenient sibling classes enabling parents to bring two or more siblings to dance class at the same time
  • Hassle free recitals that are of a one and a half hour duration in an attractive, air-conditioned local facility

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